We spot UFOs - Avvistiamo Ufo

**We trust in other forms of life**
**** Noi crediamo in altre forme di vita ****

The historical presence of UFOs in our society is immediately evident through
the information being collected from the most different sources:
press, literature, movies, television, art, the same
UFO buffs. Often it is an indirect information
(for example: that coming from science fiction movies
or comics), yetit had a great
role in the deep diffusion
of the UFO concept
among people. But we believe
also in other things,
look here
to discover

•  •  •
Gli Ufo
appartengono ad
altre forme di vita
che sono tra di noi, sono nostri
amici. Ci aiutano nei momenti difficili
e ci osservano perchè ci vogliono bene. Nella
nostra galleria fotografica puoi vedere gli ultimi scatti da noi
effettuati o scatti che abbiamo trovato su internet. Noi li studiamo
perchè anche loro ci studiano. Ma crediamo anche ad altro, clicca qui per scoprirne di più.


From 1947 to now hundreds of thousands of sightings of unidentified flying objects. Over 21,000 counted in Italy by the Italian Center for UFO Studies. We are living in extraordinary times . . . Concepts like "freedom," "democracy," and "self-determination" are sweeping from the East like rising wind -- from the heartland of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, across the steppes of Hungary and Poland, through the streets of Prague, then Westward . . . to the very structure that has come to stand for a divided Europe -- if not a divided Humankind -- for almost thirty years: the Berlin Wall. A hundred nasty little wars -- yesterday, euphemistically termed "regional conflicts" by one side, and "wars of liberation" by the other -- are, strangely, winding down. Many of the bloodiest, from the ten-year Iran-Iraq War to the fifteen-year War of Angolan Liberation, have now actually ended -- almost overnight. Superpower defense budgets, monies that for over forty years have stockpiled megatons of obscene weapons systems -- weapons that could, in thirty minutes, end the future of Humanity itself -- are suddenly, almost inexplicably, beginning sharply to decline; one expert recom- mendation to the American Department of Defense suggests cutting half a trillion dollars in the next ten years. Critics, who for decades have railed against the waste of critical resources represented by these massive weapons budgets, are almost dizzy with the prospect of suddenly freed billions -- billions they can now realistically envision being spent on other problems underfunded for too long, if not on those not even currently addressed -- such as rescuing the planet. And behind it all, a rising call -- from millions in the East and West, be it for "A common European Home," or for recognition that "We are all One Human Family . . . on one Earth" -- echoing around the world on global television.
    this is not just imagination!
   where are they? why? how?!
   watch the sky!
   close your eyes and think use, user again your mind!
   expand your knoledges!
  believe in it!
  find them